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Access to Ontario Regulated Professions
by International Candidates
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Orientation to Regulation of Professions in Ontario
Welcome to Ontario
Regulators for Access

Welcome to Regulators for Access, designed to help Ontario regulatory bodies improve access by international candidates to self-regulated professions in Ontario while maintaining standards for public safety.
Regulators for Access offers information, tips, promising practices, and guidelines for Ontario regulatory bodies.
Designed by and for the regulators of Ontario's self-regulated professions, Regulators for Access also contains information of interest to immigrant professionals, community groups, governments, colleges and universities, employers and professional associations.
The Ontario Regulators for Access (ORA) was officially formed in 2001 to encourage the collective collaboration of regulators of self-regulated professions in Ontario on matters related to the access of internationally trained individuals to practice in Ontario.

Access Solutions Project
The goal of the project is to increase access to Ontario's regulated professions by international candidates while maintaining high standards for public safety

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All competent applicants can be registered and, at entry to
practice, all registered professionals are competent.


  • Access Solutions Project Final Report, Sept.30, 2004
  • Business Case
  • Proposed Guiding Principles
  • Regulator's Guide
  • Compendium of Practices